Suppply Chain

Modern supply chains are often very complex and require complex organization and optimization that sometimes require maintenance and management by third parties within the supply chain.

Multishipping & Logistics consultants have successfully provided supply chain advisory services to many companies of various sizes in a variety of industries including consumer goods, retail, e-commerce, beverages, hospitality, utilities, construction, fashion, general outsourcing, automotive and technology.

Our seasoned supply chain consultants have developed CosttoServe models that enable companies to unlock hidden profit potential by understanding the costs associated with serving certain customers and products. Understand each customer’s individual priorities and the specific complexities of each business; The team at Multishipping & Logistics carefully uses specific models to create bespoke solutions for each customer.

Whatever your needs, Multishipping & Logistics tailors its supply chain advisory services specifically to assist you. At Multishipping & Logistics, our supply chain consultants will help you develop an integrated approach to optimizing your supply chain by offering specialized skills in the following areas:

  1. Sales & Operations coming up with (S&OP)
  2. Customs and Duty Compliance
  3. supply Network improvement
  4. Business Modelling
  5. Implementation Project Management
  6. Warehouse Management
  7. Inventory Analysis.