Custom Clearance

In the global market, the rapidly changing production and delivery schedule requirements have made customs brokers more responsible for providing skilled customs clearance services. Multishipping & Logistics handles all import, processing and export documents for our customers and ensures fast shipping processing.

We’re Geared to Exceed Your Needs

Multishipping & Logistics customs brokers have received extensive training to understand the complex customs procedures in each specific field of activity. Our customs broker team is solely responsible for ensuring that the correct documents are prepared before import and export. Avoid costly and long delayed time frames.

Our Customs Services include:

  1. Import / Export Customs Clearance Service
  2. Customs analysis of merchandise
  3. Tariff & assessment
  4. Classification of HS Codes
  5. Classification of products
  6. Customs measuring
  7. Import / Export Permissions of controlled goods
  8. Import / Export Record maintenance
  9. Payment of Custom Duties on customer’s behalf
  10. Temporary Import / Export procedures
  11. Permanent Import/Export procedures
  12. practice Services
  13. Customs guaranteed Carriage
  14. Transit Customs Handling