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Delivering the Best Global
Logistics Solutions

Multi Shipping & Logistics was founded with a vision to be the best logistics provider in the industry by garnering the respect of our partners and customers, and developing successful and satisfied customers by focusing on our approach of solving our customers’ logistics processes and freight management needs professionally and efficiently.

Global Air Forwarding

Whether you need express service, air/surface combinations, or other types of services, Multi Shipping & Logistics will arrange the best shipping options to meet your specific needs for safety, schedule, and location.


Multi Shipping & Logistics will provide the convenience for coordinating all your domestic transportation requirements through a single contact.

Global Ocean Forwarding

From purchase order to delivery, our experienced teams at Multi Shipping & Logistics handle all the details for you, such as negotiating rates with ocean carriers, booking shipments.


Multi Shipping & Logistics will design a warehouse solution that is catered to your specific needs and provide the flexibility to custom-tailor the specific services required. 

Project Logistics

Multi Shipping & Logistics’s project management team has proven time and time again that no task is too difficult when it comes to project logistics.


Modern Supply Chains are often highly complex, and involve intricate organization and optimization.

Cargo Insurance

Multi & Logistics understands the substantial value you have invested in your international shipments.

Custom Clearance

In the global market place, rapidly changing demands on production and delivery schedules have placed increased responsibility on Customs House Brokers to provide expert Customs Clearance Services.


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