Modern supply chains are often very complex and require complex organization and optimization that sometimes require maintenance and management by third parties within the supply chain.

Multishipping & Logistics consultants have successfully provided supply chain advisory services to many companies of various sizes in a variety of industries including consumer goods, retail, e-commerce, beverages, hospitality, utilities, construction, fashion, general outsourcing, automotive and technology.

Our seasoned supply chain consultants have developed CosttoServe models that enable companies to unlock hidden profit potential by understanding the costs associated with serving certain customers and products. Understand each customer’s individual priorities and the specific complexities of each business; The team at Multishipping & Logistics carefully uses specific models to create bespoke solutions for each customer.

Whatever your needs, Multishipping & Logistics tailors its supply chain advisory services specifically to assist you. At Multishipping & Logistics, our supply chain consultants will help you develop an integrated approach to optimizing your supply chain by offering specialized skills in the following areas:

  1. Sales & Operations coming up with (S&OP)
  2. Customs and Duty Compliance
  3. supply Network improvement
  4. Business Modelling
  5. Implementation Project Management
  6. Warehouse Management
  7. Inventory Analysis.

You’re In Good Hands

Multishipping & Logistics understands its important value in international shipping. We also know that cargo insurance should be an indispensable part of your import and export business, which is why we provide professional services to insure your cargo and protect it from possible losses. Or damaged.

Cargo Insurance Services

  1.  Cargo Insurance Specialist
  2. Economical Rates
  3. Door-To-Door Insurance
  4. All Documentation and coverage
  5. “All Risk” payload and marine insurance
  6. Automobile transportation cowl
  7. High-value merchandise and art transport cover
  8. family merchandise and private impact transportation cover
  9. third party liability coverage
  10. E&O coverage
  11. skilled liability coverage
  12. skilled cargo measuring
  13. Pre-shipment scrutiny

In the global market, the rapidly changing production and delivery schedule requirements have made customs brokers more responsible for providing skilled customs clearance services. Multishipping & Logistics handles all import, processing and export documents for our customers and ensures fast shipping processing.

We’re Geared to Exceed Your Needs

Multishipping & Logistics customs brokers have received extensive training to understand the complex customs procedures in each specific field of activity. Our customs broker team is solely responsible for ensuring that the correct documents are prepared before import and export. Avoid costly and long delayed time frames.

Our Customs Services include:

  1. Import / Export Customs Clearance Service
  2. Customs analysis of merchandise
  3. Tariff & assessment
  4. Classification of HS Codes
  5. Classification of products
  6. Customs measuring
  7. Import / Export Permissions of controlled goods
  8. Import / Export Record maintenance
  9. Payment of Custom Duties on customer’s behalf
  10. Temporary Import / Export procedures
  11. Permanent Import/Export procedures
  12. practice Services
  13. Customs guaranteed Carriage
  14. Transit Customs Handling

Your Tailor-made Storage Platform.

Multishipping & Logistics has developed a warehouse solution tailored to your specific needs and provides the flexibility to adapt to the specific services required. Our IT platform and our internal technical team ensure the necessary system integration to support daily operations. Company and create an operation.

​Speed & Savings

Multishipping & Logistics can manage your export air or sea export goods in our warehouse to save your export freight.

Warehousing Services

  1. Order Fulfillment
  2. commercial instrument Management
  3. ​Cross moorage
  4. choose and Pack Services
  5. Reverse supplying
  6. wares Consolidations
  7. Storage
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Export Ocean instrumentality Loading

Anywhere. Everywhere.

The project management team of Multishipping & Logistics has proven time and time again that no tasks in project logistics are difficult. Multishipping & Logistics, with its unique ability to transport goods to some of the most remote locations in the world, successfully manages the transportation of some of the most demanding projects.

Speed & Savings.

The Multishipping & Logistics Freight project manager has many years of experience, a reliable network of supplier partners and the necessary resources. You will work with your team to develop a cheap and timely project management strategy.

Project Services:

  1. Platforms, pallets and open-top containers for OOG (Out of Gauge)
  2. cargo
  3. Ro-ro ships and bulk cargo solutions for bulk cargo transportation
  4. Integration of ship and aircraft cargo projects

One-stop shop to meet all your needs.

Multishipping & Logistics only needs one contact person to easily meet your shipping needs in all countries. Whether it is the “last mile” or “first mile”, or domestic LTL/Vehicle transportation,  Multishipping & Logistics has employees who can quickly estimate or arrange urgent transportation.

Speed ​​and economy.

Multishipping & Logistics has an extensive carrier resource network that can provide the most cost-effective routes and services that meet and exceed your expectations.

National Transportation Srrive:

  1. LTL (Trailer Light Load)
  2. FTL (Full Truck Load)
  3. special car-single or team driver
  4. DG freight intermediate freight
  5. container on-site transportation
  6. door-to-door service
  7. sea container transportation

Whether you want specific service, air/floor combinations, or different styles of services, Multishipping & Logistics will set up the great transport alternatives to fulfill your unique desires for safety, schedule, and location. Our group of workers prides itself on flexibility and the cappotential to combine into your commercial enterprise desires to make sure your shipments arrive on time. Multishipping & Logistics will manual you thru the documentation necessities and make sure a clean and expedited shipping for the products with real-time milestone signals all through transit as needed.

Air Export Services:

  1. Consolidation Services Worldwide
  2. Door-to-Door Service
  3. Multimodal Transportation [Sea / Air]
  4. Packaging
  5. Storage
  6. Cargo Insurance
  7. HAZMAT Certification
  8. Automated Export System
  9. Track and Trace
  10. Export License Support
  11. Hazardous goods and food specialist

Whether you want specific service, air/floor combinations, or different styles of services,  Multishipping & Logistics will set up the fine delivery alternatives to fulfill your unique desires for safety, schedule, and location. Our workforce prides itself on flexibility and the capacity to combine into your commercial enterprise desires to make certain your shipments arrive on time. Multishipping & Logistics will manual you thru the documentation necessities and make certain a clean and expedited transport for the products with real-time milestone indicators for the duration of transit as needed.

Air Import Services

(Including international shipments):

  1. Door-to-door delivery
  2. Multi-vendor consolidation
  3. Multimodal transport [sea / air]
  4. Packaging and storage
  5. Cargo insurance
  6. Shipping report in transit

We make shipping easy

From ordering to delivery, our experienced teams at Multishipping & Logistics take care of all the details for you, such as negotiating collective bargaining with ocean carriers, booking shipments and preparing your export documents to ensure fast delivery

A team you can trust:

The Multishipping & Logistics team offers planning and consulting services, including cost analysis, terms of sale and letter of credit advances, to simplify your financial transactions. Lines, consolidation options, container specifications and packaging requirements are other areas where our ocean import and export experts can provide valuable assistance.

Export Services:

  1. Worldwide service from all ports in Pakistan.
  2. Full Container Loads (FCL)
  4. Project Cargo
  5. Oversized Shipments

Sea import services: (including shipments abroad):

  1. Door-to-door delivery
  2. Consolidation of multiple suppliers
  3. Full container loads
  4. less than container loads
  5. Advanced Manifest File
  6. Importer Security
  7. Multiple Carrier Options

Sea / Air Options Freight Insurance Shipping In Transit Reports.